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  1. rooney 46wk 5d ago

    :Looking around:

  2. aozoraskies Apr 22, 2011

    Rawr. No problem! I'm quite familiar with the "where did my free time go? UWAH" phenomena that we see so often in MT hehe. See you in May! *Hops excitedly* lol

  3. xxKurumi Apr 11, 2011

    Ah, sorry about the lack of... anything. When this was being started, I had more time; time that just went *poof*. Starting May (when I get out of school for the summer), I'll be re-vamping everything and get it running. I would sooner, but finals are beckoning me. Sit tight!

  4. aozoraskies Mar 29, 2011

    ..This is kind of amazing. A fanfiction group with only one member? How can this be?
    In any case, I'm applying. :3 And if you don't have time to moderate the group, xxkurumi, I think I have enough time to pass by and check every now and then. I'll be happy to help out!
    I haven't wrote proper fanfiction yet, but I love reading them and I want to! Just haven't... got the time to really write it out and put it together nicely.. lolz

    merged: 03-29-2011 ~ 12:12pm
    I'm in <3. But it's lonely to be the only one...

  5. nisnoopy3 Jul 16, 2009

    Rumi-san! XD Do you like to affiliate your group, Fanfiction-Alliance with Howl's Moving Castle? XD

    If you like, here the group button! XD >>

    thanks! XD

  6. veeh4anime Jun 12, 2009

    FANFICTION! I love fanfics :)
    imma be the first one to join!

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